Great Horned Owls

It is quite difficult to photograph Owls as they are usually out at night.  We are more likely to see them during the day in the Spring when they have chicks to feed.  Lucky us, we just happen to have a family of 4 Great Horned Owls living in near our home in Summerland, BC.  The two chicks have grown quickly but the adult owls are still hunting during the day as well as night to feed them.   When I took these photos last week, all four owls were in the area feeding on a recent kill.

Amazingly, I was able to capture images of one chick facing away from me then turning it’s head around every 10 seconds to make sure I hadn’t moved.  It was almost spooky to watch that head turn around so many times.  It was incredible to see the fluffy feathers and their inquisitive nature.   I can already envision the new piece of canvas art!

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