Producing Canvas Art


Boat Art

Producing photo art on canvas involves more than just taking a photograph. Creating digital art involves multiple steps.  Selecting the appropriate image is the first step. What looks great on the camera and/or computer screen may not translate well onto canvas.  In addition, the content of a single photograph does not always transform into a standard shape or size for wall art.  It is important to consider the crop points for each image when determining the final size. Some photographs should be tightly cropped and others barely cropped at all.

It’s best to begin with high resolution image to allow for enlarging.  Other factors that affect the quality of the canvas art are the image sharpness, the camera lens used, the resulting file format, the image compression and the photo subject etc.  If you are not familiar with managing images you may want to consult with your printer on the best print size depending on your photo quality and resolution.  Photo subject and style is also a factor to consider.  With abstract photos, the subject is more important than the resolution and print details so you can ask for a larger print size.  The benefit of printing on canvas is that the canvas’ texture minimizes pixel detail which compensates for any slight resolution issues.

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